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Yashasvi Balhara (Age 5 Years) has laid a milestone in the path of education setting up National Record in Mathematical Abacus Competition by becoming INDIA’s YOUNGEST GOLD MEDALIST in the history of the competition.

For more information please refer to the leading news papers of April 29,2012.

All this could be happened just because of the proper guidance and  programming of brain by our Founder Teacher

Educationist Dr. Devender Balhara .

With the help of his 14 Years goal setting experience he can mold and guide any student to his desired goal.

By his Psychological and Educational treatments he has transformed the minds of many dull called students to the genius one.

Yashasvi also was earlier called to be a below average child by every person meeting him until he was 3 years.

Once he was taken in consideration and his brain was trained in a way that up to the age of 4 yrs 6 months he had set may things apart.


* Ramayana & Mahabharata was the stories he used to discuss    with people.

* He know all the happenings of these stories.

* He could read the numbers up to billions when he was in Nursery.

* He never use to play games on Mobile or Computer.

* Apart from these he can operate Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point , Social Networking , Internet.

* He operates his Facebook ID “yashasvi Balhara his own.

* He became District Overall champion in DRSA Roller skating Championship at age 5.

* Won three medals in Sahodaya School Complex Skating competition and became the YOUNGEST GOLD MEDALIST in Distt. Karnal.

* Won Gold Medal at Distt. Chess Championship at age 5.

* Yashasvi is a mind blowing LAWN TENNIS player also.

* His interview at most of the news channels on May 01, 2012 was appreciated by many Educationists.

Most exciting about him is ……

* Now a days he is studying Hydrocarbons and Periodic Table.

*  Universe and Planets are his main Areas of Interest of which he knows much more than a class viii student.



Success Story

Congratulates Yashasvi Balhara(5 yrs) on setting the national record in mathe- matical calulation & becoming the India's Youngest Gold Medalist ...

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