HOW CAN Expanding Horizons HELP YOU ?


Preparing for the toughest of  competitive examinations sometimes leads to mental stress. We try and take care of a child in every dimension possible. To address his/her emotional needs and to reduce stress, we have a Yoga Instructor who is a regular counselor at EXPANDING HORIZONS. He does not judge a student based on his/her academic performance but as a human being and tries to reduce his/her mental stress through healing, meditation and other stress management techniques. We believe that to crack such competitive examinations apart from IQ, a student also requires a stable EQ (Emotional Quotient).


In today’s world, any examination is not just the test of your mental aptitude and knowledge but also a test of your physical fitness and wits. Apart from the psychological counseling sessions, there are well organized Yoga sessions over the entire year to keep you mentally fit and physically active (No extra fee charged).


There are times when the student starts feeling de-motivated and disoriented. Keeping this in mind we always indulge in motivational talks to guide students to the path of success. We at EXPANDING HORIZONS believe in making ‘Learning More Interesting’, so that full potential of child is explored. We run motivational movies, documentaries and movies made on real life situations so that children get inspired and feel the zeal of doing something great in life.


In high stress examinations many a times a student may feel the need for some guidance on time management, personal schedules/routines, test strategies, subject improvement techniques etc. So, at EXPANDING HORIZONS we personally call students on the basis of their result analytics and guide them accordingly before it’s too late. Apart from the planned counseling sessions with assigned teachers, students can also fix up their counseling sessions with a teacher of their choice.


At EXPANDING HORIZONS students have a consistent support of their teachers who guide them through the entire learning process smoothly. Still if a student feels the need of extra guidance on any topic he/she is free to take time from the concerned teacher for the personal doubt session, as per the convenience of the teacher.

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Congratulates Yashasvi Balhara(5 yrs) on setting the national record in mathe- matical calulation & becoming the India's Youngest Gold Medalist ...

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