Rule Book


By joining EXPANDING HORIZONS you have taken the most vital step in pursuit of your career.
Your future is very safe in the hands of EXPANDING HORIZONS, and if you are absolutely serious in achieving your cherished goal of getting admission in some prestigious institute/college in Engineering or Medical stream at National/State level getting top ranks, there is nothing which can prevent you from doing so.

Your association with EXPANDING HORIZONS will be very meaningful and fruitful and will be a stepping stone in shaping your career. Students are the future citizens of the country who have to lead the country in various capacities. They are expected not only to have the qualities of head and heart, they are also expected to be perfectly disciplined with “no irresponsible” approach.
To inculcate the sense of discipline, they are expected to follow some established set of rules and regulations in the early stages of their lives itself, a number of activities: “DO’s” and “DON’Ts” have been identified and brought forth in this hand book entitled “Rule Book For Students”.
Your sincere approach in following these rules in letter and spirit will lay a rock solid foundation in the matter of maintaining discipline not only as a student in the college/ institute where from you receive your education, but also enable you to take forward this trait in every walk of your future life and in shaping your career and an example for others to emulate.

1.  Admission :
1.1  Admission Procedure
• Duly filled in admission form by candidate himself/herself in his/her own handwriting to be submitted in the institute office.
• Incompletely filled in admission form will be rejected.
• It is compulsory for the student to affix his/her photograph at the space provided in the application form and also to attach two similar copies with the application form.
• Write your name on the admission form as it appears in Mark sheet of class X or equivalent examination.
• EXPANDING HORIZONS reserves all the rights including the right to refuse admission without assigning any reason what-so-ever.

1.2  Validity of Admission

The admission of the student is valid only for the course and duration to which he/she takes admission. The student shall not make any claim or request for adjusting the fees to any other course or for any other student.

1.3  Identity card
Every student enrolled in the institute or any of its study centre will be issued an identity card, and is supposed to keep it with him/her as and when he/she enters the institute premises to attend classes or visits the institute library. This Id. Card is the property of the institute and the student is required to preserve it very carefully and return it to the institute office after the completion of his/her course. Any loss of the Id. Card should be immediately reported in writing to the issuing authority.
A duplicate Id. Card will be issued for which the student will be required to pay a fine of Rs 100 for replacement against the lost card.

2.  Fees :

2.1 Payment of Fees :

2.1.1  The fee amount due has to the deposited in cash or by demand draft/by local cheque at the institute office before or by the due date positively.
2.1.2  Outstation cheques will not be accepted.
2.1.3  Fees once paid to the institute will not be refunded under any circumstances.
2.1.4  Fees are not adjustable for any other course nor are they transferable to any other student.
2.1.5  Fees will not be refunded in case of cancellation of Admission due to poor Attendance/Punctuality/Absenteeism/Act of Misconduct or Misbehavior.

2.2 Refund of fees
It is an express condition of the admission in the institute that the fees once paid to the
Institute will not be refunded to the student except in the following circumstances:

2.2.1 Where the student has got admission in any government college/institute/in
Medical or Engineering College purely on his /her own merit.

2.2.2  Where the student has fallen seriously ill resulting in hospitalization and discontinuance of his/her further studies. This is purely on humanitarian grounds.

2.3.1  The Maximum fee for the year 2015-2016 is set to be Rs 2,50,000 (Non- Refundable & Non-Transferable) which can be decreased only. (For Maximum period of 6 years till the child passes his class X)

2.3.2  The parents need to pay a maximum non-refundable amount of Rs 1,00,000 (One lac) initially which may be reduced in some urgent cases.
2.3.3  After the assessment of our teaching methods for one month you need to review your decision of continuing the admission of your child/ward to Expanding Horizons.

2.3.4  You should continue after 31st day of the date of joining only in case you are satisfied with our methodology during the month.

2.3.5  In case your opinion is different or You are not satisfied you may withdraw your child/ward after one month without paying the remaining amount.

2.3.6  The fees once paid will not be refunded in any case.

Please note that any student, who has got admission in any private college/institute for any paid seat, or through donation or management quota seat, will not get any refund of fees paid.

3.  Faculties
3.1  Faculty Appointment
EXPANDING HORIZONS provides highly competent faculty for providing coaching to its students. Each faculty member is appointed only after a thorough evaluation of his/her teaching ability which involves the following stages:
1. Selection test.
2.  Demo Lecture.
3.  Interview by MD/ Director.
4.  on the job training/probation for the duration to be decided by
The system is absolutely full proof, and only after crossing these stages the appointment letter is issued and teaching assignment given thereafter.

3.2  Change of teacher in the mid- session
As has been stated above under item 3.1 that EXPANDING HORIZONS provides the best of faculty in every subject, and they take the classes up to the end of the session. All the teachers have a moral duty as well as legal binding as per conditions of Appointment letter to serve the organization up to the end of the Academic Session which also includes Fast Track Program. It may so happen that due to personal reasons or may be on health ground or otherwise, any teacher may leave mid-session.
EXPANDING HORIZONS immediately arranges the Faculty services of another of the existing faculty member in place of the former teacher who is equally competent in every respect to the old teacher of that subject. The student should note that quite often more than one teacher are assigned different topics of the same subject to any batch which the management alone decides and this decision is final. Students should refrain from comparing one teacher with another, as all the teachers are highly competent and their selection is done after a rigorous recruitment process involving various stages as mentioned under item 3.1. It may be clearly understood that the teacher for +1 level may be different from that for +2 level.

4  Discipline and other Rules
4.1  Attendance
It is compulsory to attend at least 80% of lectures. Failure to fulfill this condition may lead to cancellation of admission. For availing leave, prior sanction of the director is absolutely necessary. In emergency prior information has to be given.

4.2  Attending Classes & Appearing in Tests
4.2.1  Students are advised to maintain punctuality in attendance and should attend a minimum of 80% of the total lectures delivered. Students are further advised to appear in all the tests conducted by the institute. A feedback to that effect will be provided to your parents/guardian through SMS/Post after every test or on monthly basis.
4.2.2&nbdp; If any student or his/her parents/guardians want the performance report to be sent by post to his/her home address, it will be done after receiving a written request from the parent/guardian.
4.2.3  Students should note carefully that in the event of absenteeism of any student, for any reason what-so-ever whether due to their Practical’s or Exams in schools or any other reason, there will be NO REPEAT LECTURES of the topics/units taught during the period of his/her absence and the student will have no right to make a request for REPEAT LECTURE. The institute will however, provide them with the Study Material/Assignment which may be distributed during the period they remain absent.
4.2.4  It is made clear that the students can get the genuine and selected doubts cleared with prior appointment with the concerned teacher or Institute office. The doubts can be taken by any teacher of that subject, as assigned by the institute and not necessarily by the teacher taking the classes. The students are advised to thoroughly go through the whole chapter before getting their doubts removed. The doubts will be limited to only a few points and NOT THE WHOLE CHAPTER. In the event of any student missing the lectures due to his/her absenteeism, no doubt removal session will be held pertaining to that chapter.
4.2.5  If any student does not appear in any test conducted by the institute, he/she will be awarded ‘0’ (zero) mark for the test, and he/she will not be provided the copy of the test paper which he/she might have missed due to absence.
4.3  Discipline
The students are expected to maintain perfect discipline and absolute integrity in the class rooms, library or everywhere else in the institute premises and also outside and in the hostels.
They must maintain perfect decorum in their behavior towards their fellow colleagues, their teachers, office staff, and not indulge in any activity which would be detrimental to the interest of the institute.
The students should not disfigure or deface or cause any damage to the institute property like classroom furniture, building, buses, library books etc. Any student found indulging in any undesirable activity will be subject to strict disciplinary action by EXPANDING HORIZONS management, which may include fine and /or expulsion from the institute, and debar him/her from future enrolment in any course run by EXPANDING HORIZONS.
4.4  Mobile Phone
Students are strictly prohibited from using the Mobile phone, playing video games, playing music on mobile or i-pod in the institute premises.
4.5  Compliance of Institute Notices/Circulars
Students are advised to keep track of any notice, circulars or other vital information walled up on the institute notice board, and ensure compliance in respect thereof.
4.6  Change of Study Centre / Program
EXPANDING HORIZONS reserves the right to make any change in its study centre and program without any notice.
4.7  No Responsibility for anybody harm
The institute does not take any responsibility for any type of body harm caused to any student arising out of any quarrel amongst themselves or mishap in the institute premises or buses, any accident or due to personal illness.
4.8  Change of Address/Phone Numbers
Any change in the correspondence address or Phone No.(Mobile/Landline), should be immediately intimated by the students to the institute office in writing at the earliest , quoting his/her Name, Roll No. & Centre code.

5  Study Materials
The study material provided by the institute to its students is the copy righted property of
the institute, and should not be passed on to any other person for any reason what-soever.
If the student loses the study material booklet the replacement will be done on payment of suitable charges.

6  Formations of Batches
6.1  Batch: As a very large number of students enroll their names for each course run by the institute, the institute makes different batches after the enrolment process is over. The students are required to attend classes as per batch allotted to him/her. No change of batch will be allowed under any circumstances. The decision of EXPANDING HORIZONS management will be final and binding on every student in this regard.
6.2  Tests / Rewards
Students of all centers are required to appear in the Phase Tests conducted by the institute, covering the same syllabus. Suitable Rewards are given to students occupying top positions in the Phase Test. Based upon the performance of students in the Phase Tests, selection of students for different batches like “IIT BATCHES / GOLD BATCH / SUPER 30 / TOPPERS
BATCH” is done depending upon their rank in the merit list. Student has no right to claim to be accommodated in any of these batches if he/she is not selected for the above. No change of batch is allowed and decision of MD/Director EXPANDING HORIZONS is final and binding.

7  Feedbacks from Students
It is the primary objective of the institute to maintain high standard of the coaching imparted to students. Regular feedback is taken from every student seeking his/her opinion of the quality of coaching, followed by necessary remedial measures based on the feedback.

8  Students’ Problems
It is seen that some students have a complaint that they find it difficult to understand what is being taught in the class rooms. As stated under item 3.1 , EXPANDING HORIZONS provides the most competent, experienced, dedicated faculty to its students who always put their best foot forward. If any student still has this complaint, the real reasons for the same are:
1.  The student is not serious in the class.
2.  The student is frequently absent from classes.
3.  The student is not appearing in the tests conducted by the institute.
4.  Student has low Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Potential to understand the subjects like Science, Mathematics to visualize or understand the logical interpretation of statements made.
To cope up with this problem the student is advised to do self-introspection about their approach to studies, and his / her parents are requested to prevail upon their wards and counsel them to be serious about their studies, attend classes regularly, do all the home assignments and appear in all the Tests conducted by the institute.

9  Grievance Redressal
There exists a standard procedure for the redressal of grievance of any student or his/her parents/ guardian. The aggrieved party has to initially talk to the Teachers/ dealing office staff/counselor who would try to thrash the problem. If unfortunately the problem is not sorted out at this stage, the same can be discussed with the institute Director/Centre Head with prior appointment. Or you can E-mail your grievance to and we shall try to solve the problem within 48 hours.

10  Parent-Teacher Meetings
The institute management quite frequently organizes Parent – Teachers meetings for direct communication about the student’s current level of preparation and taking appropriate remedial measures for further improvement of performance potential of the student. Both the parents are requested to ensure that they do attend these meetings in the larger interest
of their wards. Failure on their part to attend these meetings will result in not letting them be aware of their ward’s weaknesses / short comings / failures and the remedial steps to be taken in such cases.

11  Institute Timings
•  The normal class – room coaching is done as per timings given here-in-under.
8.00 am to 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm
•  For short-term courses like Fast Track Course, 100 Day Program, the classes will start right from 7 am and continue up to 7pm, 8 pm or even 9 pm depending upon the number of batches / batch strength. The classes for these courses can be held during these hours at the suitable timings as per requirements.

12  Vacations & Holidays
12.1 Vacations
EXPANDING HORIZONS plans vacations twice in the academic year: first time in the month of June and second time on Diwali. The exact dates are duly informed well in time. The office, however, remains open during these vacations.
12.2 Holidays
The institute observes national holidays on 26th Jan, 15th August and 2nd Oct. Besides this, a few holidays on important festivals are also observed. For detailed Holidays list kindly contact office of EXPANDING HORIZONS.

13 Facilities Provided
13.1 Library:
13.1.1 EXPANDING HORIZONS is having a spacious air-conditioned library room. There is a large collection of books on all the subjects written by eminent Indian and Foreign authors for Competitive and Board Exams. Beside this a number of periodicals are subscribed two. Nominal fee is charged for becoming a member of the library located in SCO 213, Sector 24 D, Chandigarh (The Knowledge World) run by EXPANDING HORIZONS Educational Trust & Research Board, whereas at other centers, no fee is charged.
13.1.2 Loss of membership card
A duplicate membership card will be issued after payment of a penalty of Rs 50 by the student.
13.1.3 Loss of Book:
The member will be responsible for the safe custody of the book issued against his/ her name. The present price of the book will have to be paid in the event of loss of library book. If the replacement is not available, double the price of the book has to be paid by the student.
13.2 PG Accommodation/Hostel Facilities
EXPANDING HORIZONS provides necessary contacts to students for various PG accommodations or hostels in different locations around the institute. The charges per seat vary from ` 4000 to ` 6000 per month for boarding and lodging, depending upon the type of accommodation: single occupancy, two seated or three seated rooms. The student himself/herself or his/her parents/guardians will themselves negotiate with the owners of such
Accommodation. EXPANDING HORIZONS will not be responsible in any manner in this matter. EXPANDING HORIZONS does not undertake any responsibility in case of any mishappening or any problem in the hostels.
13.3 Transport Facility (Optional)
13.3.1 Institute Transport :
The institute provides transport facility to local students on payment and Vehicle routes will cover Panchkula, Chandigarh, Mohali for Chandigarh Center, and Assandh, Gharaunda, Indri, Nissing Areas for Karnal Center.
Vehicle timings are fixed. Due to emergency the bus timings may have to be changed. The charges and other particulars may be enquired from the institute office.
13.3.2 Personal Transport
If any student uses his/her own transport viz motor-bike, scooter, car etc, he/she will be required to make use of the public parking at his/her own risk. The institute does not take any responsibility for any loss/theft or any damage caused to the vehicle.

14  Scholarships/Discounts to Students
EXPANDING HORIZONS honors meritorious students. Students are given scholarships as fee waivers in tuition fees only, and the amount of fee waiver depends upon the percentage of marks obtained by the student in his/her class X or XII examination. Students are eligible for these scholarships on the submission of copy of proof attested by the school Principal. Students are advised to go through the Information Brochure for getting the requisite information. They are further advised to contact our office for ascertaining if the student is eligible for any other scholarships.

15  Achievers’ Rewards
The rewards called “Achievers Rewards” are given on the basis of the rank of
the students in the competitive examination, conducted on All India basis like
IIT-JEE, AIEEE, CBSE PMT, AIIMS, AFMC and any other State Level Engineering
or Medical Entrance Examination as per details given below:
All India Rank
1st Rank will receive a cash prize of `1,00,000
2nd Rank will receive a cash prize of ` 75,000
3rd Rank will receive a cash prize of ` 50,000
4th Rank will receive a cash prize of ` 30,000
5th Rank will receive a cash prize of ` 20,000
6th Rank will receive a cash prize of ` 15,000
7th Rank will receive a cash prize of ` 9,000
8th Rank will receive a cash prize of ` 8,000
9th Rank will receive a cash prize of ` 7,000
Students enrolled in any of Postal or Class Room Contact Program, All India Test Series etc, are eligible for the cash rewards. Students who are enrolled in more than one course will be entitled only to a single cash reward.
These rewards are given according to student’s rank in General category only.
To claim the reward, the student is required to submit an application with certified proof of his/her rank in the concerned Entrance Examination in EXPANDING HORIZONS office at the earliest.

16  Competitive Examinations
16.1 Ensuring Eligibility Criteria for Competitive Exams It is for the student himself/herself to ensure whether he/she is eligible for appearing in a certain examination or not. The institute does not hold itself responsible if a student’s Admission form cannot be forwarded or is rejected by the examination body on any ground what-so-ever. Such a student cannot claim
Refund of the whole or any part of the fee he/ she has paid to the institute.

16.2 Submission of photocopy of Admit Card Every EXPANDING HORIZONS student will have to provide the photocopy of his/her Admit Card of IIT-JEE / AIEEE/ CBSE(PMT)/AIIMS/AFMC, State Level Engineering or Medical Entrance Examination in whichever examination he / she appears immediately after receiving his/her Admit Card from the concerned examining body.
16.3 Responsibility for Submission of Admission Forms to the Examining Body
The responsibility of getting admission form forwarded to the examining body is that of the student himself/ herself or that of their parents / Guardian.

17  Right of Modification/ Change of Rules
The Director, EXPANDING HORIZONS reserves the right to modify, alter, add to or delete any of the aforesaid rules. His decision in this matter is final and binding and irrevocable. Please see the circular to that effect on the institute Notice Board.

18 Arbitration/ Legal Jurisdiction:
In case of any dispute arising out of any of the Terms and Conditions, same shall be referred to the sole arbitrator to be appointed by the Director of EXPANDING HORIZONS.
The seat of arbitration will be at Chandigarh. In case if any matter has to go to court, only Chandigarh court alone shall have the jurisdiction to decide such matters.

19 Declarations by the Students:
The student is advised to thoroughly read the Information Brochure to familiarize himself/herself with the vital information relevant to the course which he/she intends to pursue, and the Terms and Conditions stated therein before taking admission at any study centre. At the time of getting admission in any course of EXPANDING HORIZONS in Chandigarh or elsewhere, the student and his/her parents / guardians are required to furnish the Following declaration.

“I have received a copy of Information Brochure and the Students Rule Book and have carefully and thoroughly gone through all the Terms and Conditions made in this form. I also affirm and undertake to abide by all the Terms and Conditions and any future instructions issued by the institute management”.

I declare that I will not claim for refund of fee in any case.
I also declare that all statements made in Enrollment form and the Bio-data filled in, in the application form are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
I also agree in the event of any dispute, MANAGING DIRECTOR, EXPANDING HORIZONS will be the arbitrator for resolving the dispute. The Managing Director, EXPANDING HORIZONS is empowered to appoint an Arbitrator if he so decides.
I also declare that the Course Material supplied to me shall be the copy right of M/s EXPANDING HORIZONS, Chandigarh and shall not misuse or allow it to be misused in any manner which may be detrimental to the interests of EXPANDING HORIZONS.
It is very clear to me that all the disputes are subject to Chandigarh jurisdiction only

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