We look for people with a pure intent and real passion for education to join us. If you can relate to EXPANDING HORIZONS philosophy and become a part of it, you are most welcome. Once you join, you will enter a different world, which cannot be compared, we just beg for an absolute evaluation. If you want to be different, if you want to find a purpose in life, if you want to enjoy your work passionately, if you want to touch a million lives in a lifetime, then EXPANDING HORIZONS is the place for you. It does not matter to us what kind of work environment is followed elsewhere. We believe in our own work philosophy. Many work styles may fail at EXPANDING HORIZONS, only the one which aligns with the core thought process will succeed, and that Is the easiest to follow if we work with a pure intention. For the people who think about joining EXPANDING HORIZONS, it’s important to know what doesn’t work here:

  • Work styles which create divide between certain work groups, and purposely curb the flow of information
  • Work styles which follow mindless implementation of already (elsewhere) prevailing systems without taking stock of existing scenario.
  • Work style which breeds unwanted hierarchy in the system and hence lessens communication between individuals
  • Work style which is aimed at mere existing rather than growing. This simple change in aim leads to entirely different set of work ethics and systems.
  • Work style which (only) values devotion of time more than the output achieved.
  • Work style which treats people as machines and do not facilitate a mutual understanding


The most important profiles at EXPANDING HORIZONS are:

  • Teachers
  • Managers
  • Executives


Anyone who has passion for teaching can join us. A few skills, though, are needed:

  • Good hold on fundamentals of the subject, be it Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Botany or Zoology
  • Good communication skills
  • Good presentation skills
  • Compassion for students

Even if there is no prior experience, no issues, we will train you to become an excellent teacher!
A Teacher at EXPANDING HORIZONS will join as a trainee, and before taking classes will undergo the comprehensive “EXPANDING HORIZONS Teacher Training Program (EHTTP)” which will take care of all academic and the soft skills. Becoming an excellent Teacher won’t be an easy path, but we will enjoy the rigors as well. As a teacher few things have to be kept in mind:

  • At EXPANDING HORIZONS, Teaching is a priority and first you will have to prove your competency in the same. Taking it casually will only harm your long term targets as only through teaching will you get to know education industry inside out

  • You will be trained in teaching, both on academic and on delivery aspects under a comprehensive “EXPANDING HORIZONS TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM (EHTTP)”. Your training period will be of 3-6 months during which you will have to attend training sessions, achieve academic targets, give demo lectures, and take doubt sessions and even some lectures in front of students. The training process will be rigorous but smooth.

  • As a teacher at EXPANDING HORIZONS, you will be seen as a role model by the students so you have to evolve as one by being ethically and socially correct human being who can be looked up to.

  • As a team member you will be expected to create an environment which is conducive for everyone to contribute and make collective decisions.

  • We have huge plans for you as an individual; just let them open up gradually and steadily. At the same time the pace and direction of your growth will depend on your talent, performance and contributions.

  • At EXPANDING HORIZONS, we have a comprehensive Academic System called “EXPANDING HORIZONS ACADEMIC SYSTEM (EHAS)” which is a set of guidelines for a teacher to follow. It elaborates on what to teach, how to teach effectively, and also what not to do. Under EHAS, all other related academic processes involved have been standardized to have a uniform approach for everyone to follow. You will need to abide by that system and improvise it wherever necessary.

  • You will be expected to become mentor for the new people who will join the team and guide them through the processes and infuse our culture and values in them.

  • Initially you will be assigned mentors who will make sure you don’t face any problem during your training period and thereafter.

  • At EXPANDING HORIZONS, apart from following certain codes of discipline, we also lay emphasis on freedom for all youngsters joining us to voice their opinions and be heard always. The environment will be very friendly.

  • We also lay huge emphasis on transparency in the team. Be frank with people, say what you feel, give inputs when needed. And whenever you face any professional or personal trouble, you are expected to communicate the same to one of your mentors at the earliest; we don’t want any hindrances in your growth

  • There is a set of HR policies and code of conduct as a member of EXPANDING HORIZONS which are to be followed by each one of us.

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