OUR VISION AT EXPANDING HORIZONS we believe in the saying that “geniuses are not born, they are created.

Understanding the different abilities of different children, harnessing that intelligence and creating children bursting with a desire to excel is our aim. Joyously expanding their mental horizons while working on their abilities, overcoming drawbacks through a systematic and structured plan, we will guide each child to his/her own individual pinnacle of excellence. EXPANDING HORIZONS was started14 years ago by DR. Devender Balhara(Phd Physics)as a small coaching center at 488/ Jarnailly Kothi, Karnal . Initially named MATHEMATICS STUDY POINT it was started with the purpose of giving the right direction to the education of children who had absolutely no idea as to how they were to study .There are multiple types of intelligences, multiple types of acquiring styles, each child with his/her own innate ability. Yet what was being imparted was one stereo typical style to teach ALL children.  Nobody had the patience or the time to try something which was different. Dr Balhara took it upon himself to teach with a difference. Teach, keeping in mind the different abilities of different students.Over the years, he has been joined by people, who inspired by his style of teaching have attempted to emulate his exacting standards to deliver the best to the children in their care. He has built a team whose foundation is in the faith that they share, the good that they stand for and the journey that they  have embarked upon.

Our Teachers proudly say: “We teach and children learn!”We have developed a very strong work ethic over a period of time. We aim for perfection in whatever we do, no compromise on that! We have developed a culture which facilitates this. Our work place is like our home and our students generally say that when they wake up in the morning, they feel attracted towards EXPANDING HORIZONS, now, THAT is some statement!At EXPANDING HORIZONS, the one question we always ask ourselves is this- Are we satisfied with the kind of service that we are giving to the society? If we are, then we know that all the business and the returns will be consequentially good. A consequence of the love we have for our work and the dedication that we share while working.”We believe that success at EXPANDING HORIZONS is not the key to happiness, but happiness at EXPANDING HORIZONS is the key to success.OUR VALUES EXPANDING HORIZONS pursues its mission through a student-centered community of learning reflecting high standards and promoting a balance of competitive and professional preparation, continuous improvement, and based on core values where:

People come first, are treated with dignity and respect, and are encouraged to achieve their full potential;

Relationships are built on honesty, integrity, and trust;

Diversity in thought is respected;

Excellence is achieved through teamwork, leadership, creativity, and a strong work ethic;

Efficiency is achieved through wise use of human and financial resources; and


EXPANDING HORIZONS provides quality education for our diverse community. We create a caring environment that fosters student development and supports productive citizenship in an increasingly global and technological society. Our aim is to educate students to become responsible, enlightened, and productive citizens and to enhance the competitive environment among students of the region.

EXPANDING HORIZONS strives to create a community of learning that actively advances the fundamental values of technical education – the free interchange of ideas, curiosity and the desire for learning, critical thinking and self-reflection, ethical behavior, academic freedom, and appreciation of human diversity. Every academic program and support unit at EXPANDING HORIZONS contributes to the creation of this community.

EXPANDING HORIZONS places primary emphasis on student learning through effective and innovative teaching by faculty, in partnership with the administration and staff. It seeks to promote students’ intellectual and social development by providing academic programs and learning opportunities that meet the highest standards of excellence.

EXPANDING HORIZONS embraces its regional setting and proudly reflects its traditional roots in Indian heritage. The organization actively recruits well qualified teachers from throughout country. In addition, it supports selected programs that attract students from across the region as well as from other states.


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Congratulates Yashasvi Balhara(5 yrs) on setting the national record in mathe- matical calulation & becoming the India's Youngest Gold Medalist ...

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